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FUTURA RESISTENZA label presents

Roger3000 (be) + Ugne&maria (be) + Afterparty with Nina (de) + Nika Son (de)

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ve 10.11 · 20:30

tickets: 10/13€ · ouverture des portes : 19:30


Futura Resistenza - Label 

FR - Futura Resistenza opère quelque part à la frontière de la performance, de la musique et des arts visuels. Interdisciplinaire à la base, pour Futura Resistenza, un concert n'est jamais qu'un concert et un disque va bien au-delà de ce que l'on peut entendre. 

Pour cette occasion spéciale, ils ont invité deux artistes bruxellois du label : le musicien et peintre Roger 3000 et le duo électronique ugne&maria, qui expérimente avec le violon, les synthétiseurs et les techniques d'échantillonnage. Les DJs nina & Nika Son, connus pour leurs sélections sophistiquées au Golden Pudel Club de Hambourg, entre autres, vous entraîneront dans la nuit.

EN - Futura Resistenza operates somewhere on the edges of performance, music and the visual arts. Interdisciplinary at its core, for Futura Resistenza, a concert is never just a concert and a record reaches far beyond what meets the ear. The label invites musicians and artists with direct personal connections within its community, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see published or on stage. For this special occasion, they have invited two Brussels-based live acts from the label: musician and painter Roger 3000 and electronic duo ugne&maria, experimenting with the violin, synthesisers and sampling techniques. While DJs Nina & Nika Son, known for their sophisticated selections at among others Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club, will lead you into the night.


ugne&maria is the electroacoustic music duo project of Ugnė Vyliaudaitė and Marija Rasa Kudabaitė, both based in Brussels. Their musical output began in 2016 with a live debut in Brussels and continued with various experimentations using violin, synthesizers, sampling techniques, and voice. Their music is made from a mosaic of samples and carefully triggered field recordings. Intricate and calming but far from ambient, in that where ambient music recedes ugne&maria’s music sounds always close to the skin. Their music has been released on Interior Insula, Gems Under The Horizon, Rocket Recordings, and Futura Resistenza labels. Also, the duo has a residency at kiosk radio, sharing their loved music monthly.

Roger 3000

Reste Envie is a desirous message to oneself, made from a place of lived solitude: the parameters of home.

Roger 3000 is a painter and a musician from Brussels, Belgium. Rest En Vie follows his 2020 release on his own imprint Tundra Records, Fiftine. His first solo EP, UFO Love Letters, was released by JJ Funhouse in 2014, followed by a contribution to Ekster's 2017 compilation album EXO3. Roger 3000 frequently collaborates with other musicians and artists, most recently with Lawrence le Doux (with whom he released the EP Chou Chou on Lexi Disques in 2021); with Carole Louis as Ondine & Turbotin for the EP Club Solitude, as well as with Bitsy Knox, with whom he released the LP OM COLD BLOOD in 2018 on Tanuki Records.

Nina & Nika Son (de)

Nina works as a DJ at the border between coruscating sentiment and desolate surrender. Her intuition about a space and its dynamics prompts a club's darkness to cave to her selection, making the darkness address you personally. In 2015, she and her closest collaborator, Tobias (known as DJ Good News), founded the V I S Label.

Nika Son works as a musician, artist, film composer, DJ, and curator. Her DJ-sets throb between flicker, weaving waywardly from early concrète to synth wave, oscillating from polyrhythms through industrial fields and breaking downtempo into slope techno.