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Ekumen presents

Organ Tapes (uk) + Nykolaes & Daniël Paul (be) + Z (pt/be)

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Tu 02.05 · 20:00

Préventes 15€/ tarif plein18€ · ouverture des portes 1h avant le début des concerts

Ekumen est une série de concerts à Bruxelles. Sans restrictions de genres, nous proposons aux oreilles curieuses une programmation tendre et sensible.

Organ Tapes (uk)

Organ Tapes is a musician from London and Shanghai. His music is characterised by layered guitar loops, midi instrumentation, field recordings and autotune vocals. Recorded between late 2019 and throughout 2020, his most recent album is called "唱着那无人问津的歌谣 / Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao" (Worldwide Unltd 2022). It was preceded by an EP, "Plenty Wine In The Cup" (self-released 2022). Other releases include full-lengths "Hunger In Me Living" (TT Label 2019) and "Into One Name" (Genome 6.66mbp 2017) and the EP "Words Fall To Ground" (Creamcake 2016), as well as various collaborative works. He also releases club edits and mashups under the 'DJ Corpmane' alias and hosts a monthly show on NTS Radio.

  • © Violette Gorgiard

Nykolaes & Daniël Paul (be) 

Nykolaes and Daniël Paul are two artists based in Brussels. Next to being collaborative artists they are roommates. They bring soft-spoken songs that combine guitar and electronic elements with an honest vocal performance, sometimes autotune, sometimes out of tune. A motivating force within this is the scatter-brained pace of the internet, with its twitching and breathing impulses which make you long for a simpler past far gone. As such these songs are ‘neofolk’, they have repurposed something authentic and visceral into something that shimmers and glitters anew. Expect weird pop, upside-down folk, emotional texts in Dutch and English. Someone on a guitar crying. Lambs on a screen. Grass underneath your feet. Sun in your eyes. Somewhere in between Meat Puppets and Meat Computer.

Z (pt/be)

Brussels based musician, DJ, writer and crafter, currently studying Acousmatic Composition.
From a space of improvisation to self-organised frequencies swirling in space, the performative act is an invitation for presence and "deep listening", to slow down in the midst of rapidity and automation - giving time itself the space to unfold in immersive droning and slowly-changing soundscapes.