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    Sugar Candy Mountain (us) + Tuvalu (be)

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    doors: 19:30 / show: 20:30 · presales: 11 € / at the door: 14€

    Psychedelic pop/rock band from Oakland

    Sugar Candy Mountain (us)

    EN · If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like this - all psychedelic pop Wall - of Sound and beach balladry. 

    "Impression" is a carousel ride through time with the Bonnie & Clyde of psych-pop, where classic meets contemporary. Sugar Candy Mountain gallops seamlessly from tripped out Tropicália, Shuggie Otis inspired grooves, kaleidoscopic psych jams, classic 70's reverie, and nods to krautrock without ever skipping a beat. Along the way Reiter's honeyed voice hovers seductively between breaking and beauty, taking us on a sensational ride through the ups and downs of apocalyptic visions, tender sunlit musings on love, and deep gazes of self reflection. RIYL: Os Mutantes, Tame Impala, Stereolab, The Beatles.

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    Tuvalu (be)

    FR · On dit du son de ce groupe qu'il accélère la germination des graines, fait transpirer les gens avides et favorise la digestion des oisillons. Servi avec une bière belge bien forte.
    Les paroles des chansons de Tuvalu relatent des bribes du quotidien et projettent des visions oniriques. Elles sont chantées en anglais, sur une toile de post punk et de pop psychédélique. Les oscillations de clavier mélangées aux riffs de guitare euphoriques sont parfois interrompues par une batterie rageuse et claudicante, mais retombent toujours en une pop entêtante et addictive.
    TUVALU c’est : Charlotte Bonamour (Moss Lime), Emy de Nardi (She Said Destroy) and Bárbara C. Branco (PEGA).

    EN · The sound of this band is said to make seeds sprout faster, greedy people’s sweat smell bad, and helps with baby bird's digestion. Served with a strong Belgian beer.
    Snippets of everyday occurrences and oniric visions are sung through a blend of post punk and psyche-pop. Swings of keyboard mixed in with references of perky older times guitar riffs will sometimes halt with disastrous accidents of wailing drumming rage, but nonetheless falling all too sweetly back into crowd-pleaser pop.
    TUVALU is Charlotte (Moss Lime), Emy de Nardi (She Said Destroy) and Bárbara C. Branco (PEGA).

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