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    Black Sea Dahu (Ch/De)

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    Un univers indie-folk ensorcelant, une créature mystique qui ne laisse personne indifférent.

    Black Sea Dahu (Ch/De)

    EN - Black Sea Dahu are singer-songwriter Janine Cathreinand a gang of musical cohorts. Think: Modern-day Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. But instead of dropping copious amounts of LSD and driving around in a VW mini-bus, they trip out on sound and studio-related cabin fever. They also make some of the most searing, contemporary, Urban Folkaround.

    In line with the singer-songwriter / auteur tradition, White Creatures is not only a very personal document, but also a very intimate and generous space. Stepping into its welcoming circumference is like bearing witness to, and partaking in, an alchemical transmutation. The mundane becomes enchanted. White creatures seep into waking reality. The fixed, conceptual boundaries between the city and nature dissolve completely (truthfully, they were never really there). The world becomes one, 

    even if only in passing and in promise. Time and space collapses on itself, memories overlap with the inexhaustible stream of the voracious mighty now.

    And the gritty, bluesy elements of life – the disaffect, the loneliness, the heartbreak, the occasional numbness of spirit; what we normally think of as the ugly side of life – suddenly become both precious and beautiful, and not only bearable, but something of a portal to a personal ecstasy of sorts. This is life as art and vice versa. And what it takes to get there requires a self-annihilating transparency and total surrender from the artist – on White Creatures you get nothing but!

    FR - Black Sea Dahu est le talentueux groupe Suisse-allemand composé de auteure-compositeure-interprète Janine Cathrein et un gang de cohortes musicales. Pensez: Ken Kesey et les Merry Pranksters des temps modernes. Mais au lieu de laisser tomber de grandes quantités de LSD et de rouler dans un mini-bus VW, ils trébuchent sur le son et la chaleur de la cabine du studio d'enregistrement. En 2018, le groupe sort son premier album White Creatures. Crachant au monde son indie folk ensorcelante et signant le début d’une belle aventure.

    Découverts grâce à leur single In Case I Fall For You, ces artistes ont su séduire leur public à travers de nombreux lives notamment en Suisse, mais aussi à travers l’Europe. Janine Cathrein signe de sa subtile plume chaque titre de cet album et nous emmène en voyage au son de sa voix profonde et envoûtante. Black Sea Dahu est une créature mystique qui ne laisse personne indifférent partout où elle se produit en concert.