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    Nubiyan Twist (Uk) + Waï Faï Spirit (Be/Sn)

    doors: 19:30 / show: 20:30 · presales: 13€ / at the door: 16€

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    Le collectif Nubiyan Twist navigue entre jazz, hip-hop, RnB, reggae et électro.

    Nubiyan Twist (Uk)

    EN - Nubiyan Twist are a collective born from Leeds’ eclectic music scene with a unique sound that draws from jazz, hip hop, African styles, Latin, R’n’B, reggae and electronics.

    Orchestrated by guitarist / producer Tom Excell, the band originally met at Leeds College Of Music. The band’s enigmatic vocalist Nubiya Brandon remembers: “We were on different courses but we all went out and partied together. It was only at the end of the course that we decided to get together to jam and it happened from there. Originally the band was a DJ, vocalist and sax set-up; I was more into writing lyrics and poetry than music at that time. The line-up quickly expanded; we used the name Ten Trick Pony because there were then 10 in the band but our eventual name came from a moment catching Lauryn Hill on the radio, talking about a hairstyle called the ‘Nubiyan Twist’.”

    The new album "Jungle Run" is another landmark for a band that has been consistently developing their sound since their formation in 2015 at Leeds College Of Music. ”One of the biggest factors in our sound was the exciting music scene in Leeds,’ explains Joe, “from a reggae night called ‘Sub Dub’ to venues playing whacked out experimental jazz.” Since then, the band’s self-titled debut album (2015) and EP ‘Siren Song’ (2016) have become classics in their own right and their live show has become an essential ticket; previous live highlights have included high profile slots at David Byrne’s Meltdown at the South Bank and Glastonbury West Holts.

    FR- Nubiyan Twist est un collectif né de la scène musicale éclectique de Leeds avec un son unique qui puise dans le jazz, le hip-hop, les styles africains, tels que le R’n’B, le reggae et l’électro.

    Orchestré par le guitariste et producteur Tom Excell, le groupe s'est initialement rencontré au Leeds College Of Music. L'énigmatique chanteuse du groupe Nubiya Brandon se souvient: "Nous étions sur des parcours différents mais nous sommes tous sortis et avons fait la fête ensemble. Ce n'est qu'à la fin du cours que nous avons décidé de nous réunir pour jouer et c'est parti de là."

    Waï Faï Spirit (Be/Sn)

    Waï Faï Spirit was born from an Encounter of the Third Kind.Ibaaku is a sonic poet from a futuristic universe. A.L.F is a DJ/ Producer and synthetic music crafter. BenRichard is a cosmic visual jockey. They gather together to invoke the “Spirit of Wifi”. The trio celebrates through music and imagines a multi-cultural vision of the future, of which ultra-connectivity is the lever. They are moved by a desire to use the heritage of the past together with textures from the present, to create a musical quintessence of hybrid styles: a dialog between alternative cultures, fusing technologies, and generations of techniques.

    Accents of Afrobeat, Electro, Jazz, Vaporwave, Hip-Hop’s bouncing feel and echoes of Soul and Psy Pop… added to Ibaaku’s sweet voice open the gates of a universe where the insane is essence. In a mixture of Wolof, English and French, words are invented in the mouth and on the beat, hybrid and beatnik with a vocoder, jolts of soul and love.
    After years of commitment in their respective musical communities, rather alternative, the trio is aiming for a more danceable, accessible sound with Waï Faï Spirit. A sound with a thousand aspects like a Disco Ball, a sound to bring people together!

    “Ibaaku, a Senegalese artist who brings the “Afro-futurism” back on the dancefloor thanks to his vertiginous afro-psychedelic music, influenced by the “black” experience. Some Sun Ra’s sci-fi going on?” Les Inrocks